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(All Omelette Come With A Side Of Fruit, wheat Toast, Side Of Hash brown) substitute for bagel: 1:00 - Add side of cream cheese: 1.00 Substitute Egg Whites: 2.00

All Sweets Crepes Come With Powdered Sugar Additional Fruit 1.00 - aDD WHIP CREAm 0.75 Strawberry / Blueberry / Banana / Blackberry / Raspberry

ADD ONS: chicken 2.50 / steak 3.50 lox 3.95 / TUNA 2.00 / salmon 3.95 extra cheese 1.00

served with side salad

served with side salad. Substitute French Fries Or tator tots 1.50

served with side salad. Substitute For French Fries Or Tator Tots 1.50

served with fries. (choice of cheese: mozzarella cheese, American cheese, Swiss, feta cheese and pepper jack) except salmon burger.

All served on Roma Sub Roll with Fries. Substitute Tator Tots by Request

All Sandwiches served on Roma Sub Roll, Substitute Rye, Ciabatta, Sesame Romabread, or Croissant By Request. Served with a Side of Pickles

comes with Pico de gallo & avocado.

served with side salad

served with side salad

Our goal is to use the least amount of ingredients, needed to create the rich and delicious bagels . & absolutely no preservatives . We love bagels! Boiled and Baked Fresh on Site Daily

Half dozen : 1.20 Full dozen 2.40

Croissant 🥐 + Donut 🍩 = 👊😍❤️

Since 1991, Lamill has been a family-owned business and has experimented with flavor to create a coffee experience indicative of the finest wines.

Small. $4.75, Large. $5.75